My 30 pieces

(1) Fur & Puffer VEST: Marshalls / (2) SWEATER: Old Navy

(3) BLAZER: Mervyn's / (4) CARGO Shirt: HM

SWEATERS  (5) Black & (6) Cream: Gap

TANKS (7) Multi: NY&Co. / (8) Black Sequin: Target / (9) Peach: UO / (10) Berry: JCrew

T-SHIRTS (11) Floral: Anthro / (12) Red: Marshalls / (13) White: Charlotte Russe

TOPS (14) Yellow: Old Navy / (15) Teal: HM

LONG SLEEVE (16) Orange: JCrew / (17) White: HM / (18) Seagreen: JCrew

PLAID (19) Blue/Green: AE / (20) Multi: Target

SKIRT (21) Beige: Target / (22) Black: Kohl's

JEANS (23) Skinny: Nine West / (24) Flare: AE / (25) Bootcut: Gap

SHOES (26) Clogs & (27) Boots: Target / (28) Converse: Marshalls / (29) Ballet Flats: Ross
Here are my picks for the winter 30 for 30 challenge. There is only 29 items shown as I am holding one "wild card" spot.  I will add it to the post once it comes into play.

As you will find out, I LIVE in jeans. I am lucky enough to live in So. Cal and to work in a casual office, so you will see me in jeans a lot.  In hopes of venturing out beyond my comfort zone, I added 2 skirts. My goal is to work them into at least one outfit a week. Other than that, plan on jeans, jeans, and more jeans.

As a side note, there are two outfit changes I make daily/weekly that you will not see on this challenge—workout and church clothes.  Church is kinda strange as I only get dressed up for the service.  I change back into my normal clothes right after, so I don't really count that as my OOTD.  And of course, workout clothes are only for the gym.

With that we go!

UPDATE:  My 30th item!

(30) Sweater: AE


30 for 30 challenge

I am looking forward to participating in Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge, starting next week. If you haven't heard about this yet, basically you select 30 items from your closet (including shoes but excluding coats) and remix them into different looks for 30 days. Oh, and shopping is off limits (which is a challenge just by itself not to mention sticking to a limited wardrobe). I stalked the Fall 30 for 30 on various blogs and have been both amazed and intrigued by the results. So, I decided to give it a go...I hope it provides a bit of inspiration to all ya'll.

The biggest challenge will be taking pictures everyday before the sun goes down. Wish me luck.


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Givin' it a go...

So, I have been obsessively reading the blogs of stylish people the last year and have finally decided to take the plunge and join the blogging world. Only this time, I plan to focus on style in general (fashion, design, home decor, and other cool things that catch my eye). So stay tuned...I have a line up of new things on the way!
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