My 30 pieces

(1) Fur & Puffer VEST: Marshalls / (2) SWEATER: Old Navy

(3) BLAZER: Mervyn's / (4) CARGO Shirt: HM

SWEATERS  (5) Black & (6) Cream: Gap

TANKS (7) Multi: NY&Co. / (8) Black Sequin: Target / (9) Peach: UO / (10) Berry: JCrew

T-SHIRTS (11) Floral: Anthro / (12) Red: Marshalls / (13) White: Charlotte Russe

TOPS (14) Yellow: Old Navy / (15) Teal: HM

LONG SLEEVE (16) Orange: JCrew / (17) White: HM / (18) Seagreen: JCrew

PLAID (19) Blue/Green: AE / (20) Multi: Target

SKIRT (21) Beige: Target / (22) Black: Kohl's

JEANS (23) Skinny: Nine West / (24) Flare: AE / (25) Bootcut: Gap

SHOES (26) Clogs & (27) Boots: Target / (28) Converse: Marshalls / (29) Ballet Flats: Ross
Here are my picks for the winter 30 for 30 challenge. There is only 29 items shown as I am holding one "wild card" spot.  I will add it to the post once it comes into play.

As you will find out, I LIVE in jeans. I am lucky enough to live in So. Cal and to work in a casual office, so you will see me in jeans a lot.  In hopes of venturing out beyond my comfort zone, I added 2 skirts. My goal is to work them into at least one outfit a week. Other than that, plan on jeans, jeans, and more jeans.

As a side note, there are two outfit changes I make daily/weekly that you will not see on this challenge—workout and church clothes.  Church is kinda strange as I only get dressed up for the service.  I change back into my normal clothes right after, so I don't really count that as my OOTD.  And of course, workout clothes are only for the gym.

With that we go!

UPDATE:  My 30th item!

(30) Sweater: AE


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