30 for 30 • Day 10

Sweater: Gap
Plaid Shirt: AE
Tee: HM
Jeans: AE
Boots: Target

Who's happy that flare is in for Spring?!?  Me, that's who!  Sure, I have some skinny pants, but I never gave up on the bootcut styles. I mean how cool is it to wear tall boots UNDER your jeans?!?  It doubles your options right there!  The epiphany came to me this morning while dressing, so I had to show you the result.

In my opinion, us "hippy" gals (read: "big bottom and thighs") were never really made to look good in skinnies.  Of course, the skinny trend lasted over 3 years so eventually I broke down and got a pair.  I never really feel good in them though, hence my exuberance for the change. 

I will be all about getting a new pair of flare bottoms (or maybe 2) right after the challenge.  Now, what are we on...Day 10?!?  Can I wait that long?  Hmm, I guess...*sigh while kicking rocks*...if I have to.


kimmie said...

Yay! you got the thumbnail recap going! :)

And I'm also SUPER excited that flare legs and trouser jeans are in for the spring. I think they're so much more flattering than skinny jeans, and more comfortable, too!

The only thing I like about skinny jeans is that they don't drag on the floor when it's raining! :)

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