30 for 30 • Day 16

Sweater: Old Navy
Shirt: JCrew
Scarf: Marshalls
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target

Orange and plum...Never really thought of combining it before the 30 for 30 but now that I have, its love.  And with coral being a hot color for spring/summer, I will be on the look out for some new additions to my wardrobe.  I can't wait to shop!

And what's with the pipe, you ask?!?  Well, something about the scarf and the sweater combo reminds me of a pipe smoking, stuffy ol' fuddy-duddy (think Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island).  So as a tribute to my odd TV reference, I thought I would have a little fun with Photoshop.  I think I make a good Millionaire, don't you?!?  ;)


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