30 for 30 • Day 20

Vest: Marshalls
Plaid: Target
TShirt: CRusse
Jeans: AE
Boots: Target

I think I will have to pick up another pair of the sexy bootcut Gap jeans (seen here) after the challenge (and yes, sexy bootcut is the actual style name).  I always feel good in them and they seem to work with my body type.  Plus I feel my legs look twice as long, which is always a good thing!  :)

That said, I think these AE flare ones I am wearing here do quite the opposite.  I don't see it in the mirror but when I look at the remix pics, they just look blah, sloppy even.  Life is just too short for unflattering fashion.  So many lessons to be learned during this challenge, I tell ya, so many lessons to be learned.


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