30 for 30 • Day 3

Sweater: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target

It is freezing this morning.  Now, I realize that I have absolutely no reason to complain as most everyone in the US is swimming in snow.  However, for SoCal, it was what we like to call "crisp".  Luckily, a cozy sweater was in my 30 items.  Can you believe I got it for $10?  Old Navy clearance.  I got 2 others in taupe and lime, but for some reason, this one has held up the best.  Good thing it is my favorite. :)

Since starting this blog, all kinds of fun post ideas have been popping into my much so that I am dreaming about it (literally, in my sleep).  Last night, a dream actually woke me up!  My mind was flooded with ideas and I could not get back to sleep.  Kinda exciting, *yawns*, kinda exhausting.  The good news is that I now have some fresh material on the horizon. The bad news is that you have to wait until next week to see in action.

Patience, grasshopper...good things come to those who wait.


Brittney said...

you're adorable! and you look so comfy yet stylish with that sweater over your plaid shirt. what a good ensemble for wintertime!
-brittney (fellow remixer)

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