30 for 30 • Day 4

Vest: Marshalls
Top: JCrew
Jeans: Nine West
Boots: Target

It's Friday...Hooray!   I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.  SUPERBOWL, Baby, Yeah!  Ready to get my football on....even though, my team didn't make it.  Actually they didn't even make to the playoffs this year.  It has been a sad, sad post season.  However, I am finding joy in rooting for any team that is NOT the Steelers.  (My husband turned traitor this year and has now adopted them as "his team"...PFTH...yea, whatever... Go Green Bay!)

As for this outfit, idk...I think it may be the boots, but something just isn't working for me.  Being limited to 4 pairs of shoes is already becoming quite a challenge.  The right shoes can make or break an outfit, wouldn't you agree?!?

On a side note, is it weird to have coffee withdrawals when you drink decaf?!?


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