30 for 30 • Day 7

Sweater: AE
Shirt: CRusse
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Converse

Two things for today:
(1) Sorry for the blurry has been hectic and therefore picture taking was rushed.
(2) No, you are not mistaken....I did rewear the sweater/shirt from yesterday. 

I was uber-tired this morning.  I'm sure I hit snooze at least 20 times (which irritated my husband immensely), so I had to grab an outfit, stat!  Therefore, you get a double dose of the sweater this week.  Please forgive my faux pas.  I will be more creative in the future...promise.


Stylepint said...

This is a great relaxed outfit! Love the addition of the Converse to the mix! =)

Kish said...

Thanks to Everybody, Everywear, I found your blog! This outfit is SO adorable!

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