30 for 30 • Day 29

Blazer: Mervyns
Shirt: JCrew
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

The finish line is in sight.....One more day.  It is so close I can almost taste it!  I may have to get a few carts filled and ready to go tonight as the anticipation is overwhelming.  Ok, I just realized that I may have a problem.

Step 1. Admit you have an addiction

"Hi, my name is designgirl and I am a shopaholic."  

30 days with no shopping has been quite the struggle!  I have wanted to cheat on more than one occasion.  What can I say?  I just cannot pass up a good deal.  Its a sickness.  I was hoping I would be able to kick the habit by taking the challenge, but alas, the shopping withdrawals are too powerful.  MUSSS-T--QUITTT---BUT--CANNN-NOT!

All you out there nearing the end of the challenge...how's it going for you?


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