OOTD • Double Take

Sweater: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Leggings: Marshalls
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Today, is much colder than I had anticipated.  Since this is EBEW Florals day, I had planned to wear Option 1.  However, after taking pics early this morning before heading off to work, I looked outside (which I never do since I dress in the dark and am always on the cusp of being late) and saw how the May Gray had settled over us.  Bare legs would simply not do.  I admit, it crossed my mind to just post the pics of the outfit anyway and revert to my ol' jeans, tee and a sweater, but I knew I would feel guilty.  So, I threw on the only pair of leggings I have and swapped my cardi and shoes.  Presto, new outfit!  And although I like Outfit 2, I liked Outfit 1 more....so I figured I would post them both.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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Salazar said...

That dress is so lovely! And though I like both options, I'm glad you went w/ the second one. Those flats look so cute paired with the leggings!

14 Shades Of Grey

Anonymous said...

Love that it's a completely different look either way, and that they both work perfectly!

designgirl said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

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