30 for 30 • Day 3

Top: Anthropologie
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Marshalls
Bag: Marshalls

Obviously, I am getting little of my energy back.  Hooray!  That said, I have just decided that I will be posting the 30 for 30 items over the weekend.  Trying not to wear myself down and stress myself out (which I am prone to do...back to that whole "Type A" thing I have going on). TGIF!

On another note, it has been awesome reading all the comments lately.  My plan is to catch up on replies this weekend, as well.  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide makes it all worthwhile!  :) 


stuph said...

oh your first pic just made me this friday face? :)

i love your top. the green looks great on you.

happy weekend!

Stylepint said...

cute outfit, the top is amazing! =)

Kish said...

What a cool top! And the red purse is the perfect "end punctuation"!

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