30 for 30 • Day 5

Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory Outlet
Top: Banana Republic Factory Outlet
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy (Wild card item: #29)
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Thrifted

Obviously, I love this cardigan.  I have worn it 3 times already and it's only Day 5.  Granted, I started wearing items last Monday, but only started posting on Wednesday, so I didn't really wear the cardi back to back.  Since I am not being so regimented this time around, dressing has been a lot more fun and relaxed, which I like.  And now that I am all caught up with my outfits (I am actually wearing this as I write), plan on outfits Monday thru Friday, with the occasional Saturday or Sunday outfit thrown in for good measure.

Question, have you guys tried any of the different views linked in the sidebar yet?
I was thinking about adding the remix outfit pictures to the sidebar as I go, but with the new viewing options, it kinda seems redundant.  What do you think?  Yea or nea?


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