OOTD • Ikat to the Max

Cardigan: Windsor
Tank: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Marshalls
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Have you ever had a morning where you spent WAY TOO MUCH time on composing your outfit and your hair, makeup, etc., suffered because of it?  Well, today was that day for me. 

To start things off, I had another top in mind for this skirt.  Styling would have been a breeze if it had worked out.  Unfortunately, when I put on the soft peachy coral color top with the skirt, it was so blah.  The skirt needed a stronger color, so I scourged my closet until I found something that worked.  However, it's a tank top and so I needed a cardi to make it "work-friendly".  Start the 10 minute, trying-to-make-it-work saga...then I thought, "This needs a belt" ....another 10 minute saga (as you can see, I didn't settle on a belt).  Finally, I had to abandon all other styling modifications as I was 20mins late at this point.  I shaved 5mins off by basically ignoring my hair (so don't judge).  When I can flat iron my hair weekly because I no longer need go to the gym, then your can judge.  Until then, just focus on the clothes...that's what I do.  :)


Leah said...

These colors look great with your skin tone. And YES, I've definitely had many mornings like this! I don't like how I end up feeling the rest of the day after have an 'off' morning.

Ayan said...

love the maxi! i actually tried the same skirt on the other day and now after seeing it on you, i'm bummed out that i didn't get it!
lots of love,

Ayan said...

omg, i would love to do a swap! keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too..

very cute!

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