OOTD • White Pants *sigh*

Shirt: JCrew
Tank: Target
Capris: Marshalls
Shoes: Marshalls

The ever-popular-but-oh-so-hard-to-find white pants.  Honestly, I can say that finding the perfect pair of white pants is like finding the Holy Grail. (Disclaimer: This only applies to myself and probably most women of color.)  All you lovely ladies who make fun of your own white legs (Kendi and Monkeyface, I am talking to you) have it made when it comes to buying white pants.  No nude-undies-that-shouldn' weird-pocket-lines-that-appear-because-I'm-brown-and-they-are-white.... *sigh

You have no idea how desperate I was to find the perfect pair of flared white jeans this spring, but alas it was not to be.  After trying on what felt like hundreds (ok, so it was more like 12, maybe 15), I gave up.  I had officially decided that this just wasn't my year for white pants and all those cute outfits I had collected on pinterest for inspiration would never come to fruition.  I won't lie, I wallowed for a while.  Then one day, as I was perusing Marshalls on my lunch break (as I often do), BAM!  I saw these.  Now, these are not perfect, not flared, not long...but they were cute, cheap, white, and most importantly....opaque!

So now I can at least try and make some of those outfits ideas work, starting with this bright orange top.  I probably should have tucked it in, but I am trying to keep it real and real for me is definitely not tucked in. 


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