My Uniform • OOTD

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Kohl's

So what do I do when I have a whole closet to choose from?!?  I go for the uniform, if you will.   White Top, Dark Jeans, Wedges/Clogs/Boots.  It really is a sad affair, but honestly, I could where this everyday.  It's classic.

I'll mix in some more summer color next post, but for's just the basics.


30 for 30 • Recap

This was my second time doing the 30x30 Remix Challenge and I enjoyed it so much better this time around. Part of it was the relaxed timeframe and the other part was the bright summer colors. In my opinion, saturated colors are so much more fun than tonal neutrals to style. Mixing and matching new color combos keeps things exciting. I really tried hard to make each outfit interesting and well styled for every post. Honestly, the effort made all the difference.

And so without further ado...a complete visual tour of my summer 30 for 30 Remix.

The 30 Outfits

The 30 Items

Thanks for coming along with me during this challenge.  I hope you got as much out of it as I did. You’re the best readers a blogger could ask for!   XOXOX

30 for 30 • Day 30

Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory Outlet
Top: H&M*
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Marshalls
Belt: Thrifted

I'm DUN!  WooHoo!  And you know the navy cardi just HAD to make one last appearance before the end of the remix...just to taunt us.  Well played navy cardi...well played.

I will be posting a 30x30 remix recap post shortly...stay tuned.

*ok, so this is not the tank I used throughout the challenge.  It was sitting at the bottom of the laundry bin looking sad and lonely.  But I figured you wouldn't mind a last minute (and more importantly, clean) substitution, right?!?  I thought so.  :)


30 for 30 • Day 29

Cardigan: Target
Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: Charlotte Russe

Almost done!  I can't wait......

30 for 30 • Day 28

Shirt: Kenar via Marshalls
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source
Sunnies: Cole Hahn via Marshalls
Scarf: Kohls
Bag: Target
Jacket: Loft

Well, I am really getting tired of the 30 items but I am not about to quit now.  I have been looking longingly at my closet lately, and at this jacket in particular.  It was a recent purchase that I have been staring down every morning.  Yesterday morning, it finally got to me.  So, I included a picture of me wearing it even though it is not in my 30 items.  However, I think it can qualify as "outerwear" for the least, that is the excuse I am using.  And since outerwear doesn't count toward the 30 items...well, you can see where I am going with this....


30 for 30 • Day 27

Tee: H&M
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source
Belt: Old Navy
Bag: Target

I am officially running out of ideas, peeps.  I could do the whole, "shirt with three different pants" thing but I am trying to keep it interesting.  Plus, I want my style to be better than boring or average.  I mean, that IS why I started this blog in the first place.  However, 30 stylish outfits from 30 items is one tall order.  Now that I am 27 outfits into it, my creativity is officially winding down.  I will do my best to wrap this challenge up with a bit of style...just promise you'll hang in there with me.

Happy Friday!
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