30 for 30 • Day 13

Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: American Eagle (Wild card item: #30)
Shoes: Target
Bag: Burlington Coat Factory

I did something kinda dumb last night...I started doing laundry.  I wanted to have it free and clear before the weekend.  (Doesn't sound too dumb, I know, but just wait.)  However, the load with my only 2 pairs of 30x30 jeans in it didn't make it to the dryer before I fell asleep.  And everything else is beyond recycling.  So, I had to pull my last wild card, which I was saving for a maxi dress or a blazer, for ANOTHER pair of jeans.  Now I love jeans—L-O-V-E, love jeans—but I was trying to push my style boundaries this challenge. To make up for my blunder, I may swap out the grey shirt I haven't worn yet, just because I like knowing I have options.  It is all mental I know, but it is such a relief knowing that I can pull something into the remix whenever I deem it necessary.  It makes me happy!

And yes, I look like a crazy person in the last pic...or at least like I am about to rip my purse in two.  You'd think I would have the hang of this picture taking thing by now...guess not.


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