The Ol' Switcheroo

Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters
Top: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Target
Belt: Kohl's
Bag: Express

I finally came up with a plan for changing out my bag daily.  Before I started this blog, I only changed my bag once or twice a year...usually a black one for fall /winter and neutral one for spring/summer.  However, when I really started looking around in the fashion blogosphere, I begin to see how a bag can make or break an outfit.  Thus started my collection of bags...10 to be exact.

On work days, I carry a backpack with my gym clothes and purse inside along and other miscellaneous things that can come in handy (i.e. cough drops, bobby pins, mini first aid kit).  This has really deterred me from changing my purse everyday since most of the time, it only sees the light of day for about an hour, my lunch hour.  Plus, as most of you know, changing a purse can be a bit of a PITA (pain in the ...).  However this weekend, I figured out a solution...a bag in a bag.  I had this little eye glass case sitting around doin' nothin' and decided to put it use holding all the misc. items that float around in my bag.  It is small enough to fit inside practically all my purses, so now if I want change a purse, it is as simple as, wallet/keys/phone/eye case.  Voila!

Of course, since I haven't posted any pictures in over a week, it doesn't look like I have changed my purse at all...but I have...twice.  I promise.  Scouts honor.


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