Scarf it up!

Cardigan: Gap
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters
Scarf: Marshalls
Belt: Gap Outlet
Bag: Nine West

Over the last year, I have amassed quite a scarf collection.  Now that Fall is here, I am ready to bust them out....starting now.  My goal is to incorporate at least one scarf a week.  I used to only know a couple of ways to wear a scarf, but thanks to the wonders of youtube and pinterest, I have found a scarf tying goldmine.  Check out the video below if you are scarf-tying-challenged, like me:


Anjali Mohlajee said...

I love the video! Thanks for sharing it. I found your blog yesterday through....I don't remember, but I love your style and am following now.

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