Who Cares?

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Target
Bag: American Eagle Outfitters

So, who cares if it is the middle of October and 80° outside?  Not me, that's for sure.  It's Fall.  That's all I know.  And I am going to dress for Fall.  No exceptions.  If that means I have to carry around my own portable sauna to look the part,  I will.  Why?  Because I am dedicated, that's why.  Plus, loosing a few pounds in water weight never hurt anyone before the holidays, agreed?  Agreed.


dotty said...

this sweater is SO AMAZING! i can see why you couldn't wait for the weather to cooperate!

dash dot dotty

designgirl said...

Thanks Dotty! If you have a H&M near ya, get on down there! The sweater is only $20! Definitely, worth the moolah!

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