Haul Your Stuff to the Gym in Style

Happy 2012!

Well, a new year has begun...let the resolutions commence.

I am back to blogging, but now with a somewhat different direction than I had last year. Plan on more style features, outfit creations, shopping highlights and random commentary. I will still do an outfit of the day (ootd) post here and there, but it will not be the main focus of the blog. Hopefully, that will keep things a bit more interesting, for both of us.

One of my many resolutions for 2012 is to hit the gym more often AND more consistently. Of course, I have decided I need a gym bag to help me start off on the right (and more stylish) foot.

I currently use this JanSport backpack to lug my gym clothes, tennies, purse, and miscellaneous items around.  I know, I know, totally unacceptable.  What can I say?  If it's not broke, I don't fix it.  It has lasted me over 8 years even though I never intended to use it that long.

It is the main bag I use on a daily basis, however I have finally come to the conclusion that an update is in desperate need....STAT. These are some of the options I have in mind:

I am leaning towards the Clava Carina Bag in Beige, but it is a bit pricey for me.  I like how it looks though and how it could really be used for a laptop bag, weekender, or as a large tote.  Plus, I am a sucker for classic lines.  Any favorites?


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