Cowboy Tuxedo? Uh, no.

Jacket :: Gap 2008
Cardigan ::
Banana Republic Fall 2011
Top :: Express 2010
Pants ::
Old Navy Jan 2012
Shoes :: Madden Girl via Ross 2011

Here is another bathroom shot for the book.  I am not a fan of the lighting in the bathroom, but I did want to shoot this outfit (since it DID NOT include jeans).

I always get excited when I don't wear jeans because it means I can wear my denim jacket, which I love.  Why do get to wear my jacket when I don't wear jeans, you ask?  Well, see, I don't do the "cowboy tuxedo" thing...

Jean Jacket + Jeans = Cowboy Tuxedo

There is such a thing as too much denim, trust me...I've checked.  I'm not saying that it can be done, but it's not for the faint of heart.  There is a fine line between being a fashion "do" and a fashion "don't" and I am sure that I would fall in the latter category every time.  So I will continue to browse the JCrew catalog and pin those clever denim outfits, complete with sequins tops and flirty hair, but will stay away from recreating...well, at least until I am 6 feet tall, 100 pounds and styled by JCrew. 


Kish said...

Although I think your outfit is adorable, I have to say that your skin is glowing! You look so pretty! =)

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